People in Sefton invited for missed cervical screening appointments

People who live in Sefton and have missed any cervical screening appointments, are invited to get the life-saving test done, as part of a pilot mobile service, in a bid to improve uptake of the screening.

The Living Well Bus, hosted by Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS FT, will be at various locations across Southport and Formby offering drop-in cervical screening appointments to women and people with a cervix who have missed any previous appointments, making it easy and convenient for people to be screened.

  • Tuesday 2 July and Friday 5 July – Front Car Park at 12 Church Street, Southport PR9 0QT (adjacent to St Marks Medical Centre on Derby Road)
  • Tuesday 9 July, Friday 12 July, Tuesday 16 July, Friday 19 July, Tuesday 23 July and Friday 26 July – Chapel St, Southport
  • Saturday 13 and Saturday 27 July – Waitrose car park, Formby

The uptake of cervical screening in some areas of Sefton is 52%, compared to the national average of 70%, meaning some women and people with a cervix living in Sefton are missing this important test.

The cervical screening programme is very important and saves thousands of lives each year. Cervical screening (which used to be known as the smear test) tests for HPV (human papillomavirus) that can cause cervical cancer. If these types of HPV are found, they can be treated before they get a chance to turn into cervical cancer.

Women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64 are eligible for cervical screening, and those aged 25-49 will be invited every three years, whereas those aged 50-64 will be invited every 5 years. You will only be invited aged 65 and older if a recent test was abnormal. The majority of people who attend cervical screening have a normal result.

The pilot mobile unit will operate as a drop-in service for those who are overdue their cervical screening or have missed any previous appointments, and will provide a safe, comfortable and private area for cervical screening appointments to take place.

Julie Kelly, Head of Public Health at NHS England North West, said: 


“Not everyone attends their cervical screening appointment when invited, and we’re aware that one of the reasons for this is access and finding an appointment that’s convenient for them.

“In Sefton, we know the uptake of the screening is significantly lower compared to other areas, and therefore, we are running a pilot mobile site providing a drop-in service at central locations.

“So, if anyone is overdue their screening test or have been invited in the past but not attended, I’d encourage them to pop in to the unit where the staff will be happy to help and talk through any worries or concerns they may have.”

Suzanne Edwards, Director of Operations and Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS FT, who host the Living Well Service, said: 


“CWP are proud to play our part in the delivery of cervical screening tests in Sefton.

“The Living Well Service enables us to provide private and discreet cervical screening test in a time and place that best suits the needs of the people we care for.

“Our team will do everything they can to make people comfortable when they visit the service, they will be happy to talk anyone who visits through the process and give tips and advice to ease any anxiety.

“If you are due for a screening test, please don’t delay. You can drop in at any of our clinics no appointment necessary.”

The cervical screening test itself should take less than 5 minutes and the whole appointment should take around 10 minutes. You can bring someone with you to your appointment, such as a friend, family member or chaperone, to make you feel more comfortable.

For more information about the drop-in service in Sefton, visit:

For more information about the NHS cervical screening programme visit the NHS website: