Primary Care Access Recovery Plan

NHS Cheshire and Merseyside's Primary Care Access Recovery Plan sets out our plan for improving access and making it easier and simpler for patients to access the care they need, and supporting GP practices to manage demand and capacity through a range of additional measures.

In 2023/24 this will be supported by a total of £90 million investment in primary care general practice and related measures outlined in the plan.

Key actions set out in the plan include:

  • Supporting greater access to appointments though different measures including improved digital telephony systems.
  • Facilitating greater use of the NHS App.
  • Increasing the number of self-refer options available.
  • Launch of the Pharmacy First service in January 2024, providing assessment, advice and treatment options including the supply of some prescription medicines, for seven common conditions including earache and sore throat.
  • Increasing and improving online access for patients.
  • Supporting practices to promote care navigation, making it easier for people to contact their practice and to get a response on the same day, so that patients know how their request will be dealt with.
  • Building larger, multidisciplinary teams by employing more staff through the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS), so that patients can see the right person to meet their needs.
  • Cutting bureaucracy to improve the patient journey and experience.

You can read more about the Cheshire and Merseyside Primary Care Access Improvement Plan here.