Current consultations and engagements

NHS Cheshire and Merseyside is responsible for planning health services across the region, working with local hospitals and others who provide NHS care, as well as local authorities, Place-based partnerships, charities and voluntary groups.

It is really important that we involve local people in our work – people from all walks of life, and across our many different communities.

What you think, your experiences of health and care and your ideas about what does and doesn’t help keep people healthy are hugely important. We recognise the importance of making sure the decisions we take are shaped by the people we serve.

Where any proposed changes represent a substantial development or variation of service we notify and work with local authorities and formally consult with local people and other key stakeholders with a continuous focus on reducing health inequalities.

When formal public consultations are launched, we provide feedback on the results of consultation activity and how the views of patients and the public have been considered.