Cheshire West

For most, Cheshire West is a great place to live, work and play. Many of our villages, towns and neighbourhoods are among the most attractive and dynamic communities in the country.

We have a thriving economy and cultural sector and our parks and green spaces are second to none. Compared to England, quality of life is generally good for many people across the borough, with lower levels of deprivation, higher incomes and generally, good health. However, there are pockets of significant disadvantage, where residents experience poorer living conditions, educational attainment, economic prospects and more years of poor health.

Against this background, our population is set to increase by about 10 per cent by 2035, (to 367,000). Numbers of children will increase by 8 per cent and most of this increase will have happened by 2027. By 2035, there will be 3,000 more children aged 11-15. The Ellesmere Port area (council locality) will see the largest increase in children. Older age groups will see the biggest increase, with the number of residents aged 65 plus expected to increase by 46 per cent, and the numbers of people aged 85 and over forecast to more than double.


Key priorities

Our aim is to make Cheshire West the best place to grow up, live, work and enjoy life to the full.

We want to reduce inequalities, increase years of healthy life and promote improved mental and physical health and wellbeing for everyone in Cheshire West.

We all have a role to play: individuals, families, communities and the public, private and community (third) sectors. Only by working together can we make this vision a reality.

We want you to be part of the journey to ensure better health and wellbeing for you, your children and future generations.

Our priorities to support you to do this include:

  • Prevention - and early detection

  • Reducing inequalities

  • Promoting wellbeing and self-care

  • Making it easier to navigate health, social care and community based services

  • Anticipating the future needs of our population - providing housing, schools and services to meet changing demand

  • Integrating our health and care services

  • Keeping people safe

Primary care networks and GP practice information

Primary care networks (PCN) – groups of GP practices working together – are key building blocks of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Each PCN appoints a local GP (or GPs) as their clinical director and covers a population of approximately 30-50,000 people.

Chester Central

Clinical Director – Dr Aidan Magrath (The Elms Medical Centre) and Dr Rebecca Banks (Northgate Village Surgery)

Primary Care Network population – 38,910

Primary Care Network page

Chester East

Clinical Director – Dr Annabel Jones (Boughton Medical Centre)

Primary Care Network population – 37,224

Chester South

Clinical Director – Dr Charlotte Rowland (Handbridge Medical Centre)

Primary Care Network population – 34,067

Primary Care Network page

Neston and Willaston

Clinical Director – Dr Jeremy Perkins (Neston Surgery)

Primary Care Network population – 20,721

Primary Care Network page


Clinical Directors - Dr Richard Singleton, Dr Beth Hanson, Dr Fiona Kilby

Primary Care Network population - 72,689

One Ellesmere Port

Clinical Director – Dr Emily Morton (Whitby Group Practice - Green)

Primary Care Network population – 68,685

Primary Care Network page

Frodsham, Helsby and Elton

Clinical Director – Dr Jonathan Gregson (Helsby & Elton Practice)

Primary Care Network population – 26,940

Rural Alliance

Clinical Director – Dr Alistair Adey (Drs Adey & Dancy, Tarporley)

Primary Care Network population – 39,329


Clinical Director - Dr Dale Burgess

Primary Care Network population - 35,756